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The CMC (Crew Member Certificate) is issued...

  • A

    to replace the crew member's licence.

  • B

    to allow flight crew to be exempt from customs, health and immigration facilities at an en-route aerodrome.

  • C

    to provide identification of aircrew.

  • D

    to permit access to the air side of an aerodrome for aircrew.

Refer to figure.
ICAO Annex 9
M. Identification and entry of crew and other aircraft operators’ personnel

Note.— The CMC was developed as a card for use for identification purposes by crew members, leaving the crew licences to serve their primary purpose of attesting to the professional qualifications of the flight crew members.

3.65 Contracting States shall accept CMCs, issued according to the requirements of Standard 3.62, for visa-free entrance of crew members when arriving in a duty status on an international flight and seeking temporary entry for the period allowed by the receiving State.

3.63 Recommended Practice.— To the extent that aircraft operators issue crew identity cards, Contracting States should require the production of such identity documents in the format shown in Appendix 7, i.e. in the same layout as the visual zone of the machine readable crew member certificate and having the capability to support machine-assisted identity confirmation and document security verification.

CMC's serve as an identity for crew members and provide them visa-free entrance when on duty seeking temporaty access to a state. Therefore, another means of identity card (i.e. passport) is not necessary, and visa is not necessary either. However, it does not replace the pilot's licence or the logbook.

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