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During the test sequence of the Fire Detection System, the "TEST" light does not illuminate and the pilot has no other visual confirmation. Which of the following statements is correct?
  • A
    As long as the aural indication sounds, the system is operating properly, because the aural cue has a higher priority.
  • B
    This is normal. Only if the “FAIL” light illuminates during the test sequence is there is a problem.
  • C
    The circuit is not grounded because of a break in the wire between the detectors, therefore the light(s) will not illuminate.
  • D
    This is normal. The light(s)remain(s) off because there is no real fire.
When activating the FIRE TEST switch in the cockpit, integrity testing is provided for continuous loop detection circuits. Pressing such switch causes a heating element to increase wire temperature to the level triggering the warning. The fire warning generated in the cockpit confirms that the continuity of the wiring circuit and the correct operation of the cockpit alert. If the loop is broken, the appropriate notification will be received on TEST - either no indication or a fault alert.

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