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You have declared an emergency, and landed. ATC then transfers you to another frequency. What is the primary reason for such frequency transfer?

  • A

    To ensure confidentiality, a special frequency is used that cannot be monitored by 'Live ATC' services or aviation band scanners.

  • B
    To allow for direct contact between the emergency aircraft and rescue and firefighting services on a discrete frequency.
  • C
    ATC removes the emergency aircraft from the Tower frequency in order to restore the regular flow of traffic.
  • D
    The support from ATC for the emergency traffic ends once the emergency aircraft has landed.

ICAO Annex 10, Volume II Distress and urgency traffic shall normally be maintained on the frequency on which such traffic was initiated until it is considered that better assistance can be provided by transferring that traffic to another frequency.

After an aircraft which has declared emergency has landed, ATC shall transfer it to a different frequency which will be able to provide better assistance.

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