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What is the wind reported in this METAR LPPT 150505Z 21010KT 9999 BKN016 M09/M16 Q1006 NOSIG=?
  • A

    210° true heading at 010 kt

  • B

    210° true heading at 10 kt

  • C

    210° magnetic heading at 10 kt

  • D

    210° magnetic heading at 010 kt

ICAO Annex 3
Chapter 4. Meteorological Observations and Reports

4.6 Observing and reporting meteorological elements
4.6.1 Surface Wind The mean direction and the mean speed of the surface wind shall be measured, as well as significant variations of the wind direction and speed, and reported in degrees true and metres per second (or knots), respectively.

Note: The wind direction broadcasted by the ATIS and ATC is given in degrees magnetic.

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