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The "take-off path" for Performance Class 1 helicopter operarions is the horizontal and vertical profile calculated:
  • A
    With OEI to 1 000 ft.
  • B
    With AEO to 1 000 ft.
  • C
    With AEO to 1 500 ft.
  • D
    With OEI to 1 500 ft.

1. According to CAT.POL.H.200 - General (PC1):

  • Helicopters operated in Performance Class 1 shall be certified in Category A or equivalent as determined by the Agency.
2. According to CS 29.59 Take-off Path - Category A:
  • The take-off path extends from the point of commencement of the take-off procedure to a point at which the rotorcraft is 305 m (1000 ft) above the take-off surface and compliance with CS 29.67(a)(2) is shown.

3. According to CS 29.67 (a)(2) - Climb - One Engine Inoperative (OEI):

  • The steady rate of climb without ground effect, 305 m (1 000 ft) above the take-off surface, must be at least 46 m (150 ft) per minute, for each weight, altitude, and temperature for which take-off data are to be scheduled with:

(i) The critical engine inoperative and the remaining engines at maximum continuous power including continuous OEI power, if approved, or at 30-minute OEI power for rotorcraft for which certification for use of 30-minute OEI power is requested;

(ii) The landing gear retracted; and

(iii) The speed selected by the applicant.

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