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After attaining VTOSS, the helicopter must climb at…

  • A

    150 ft.

  • B

    100 ft.

  • C

    1000 ft.

  • D

    200 ft.

VTOSS is the Take-off Safety Speed used for Category A helicopters (either Performance Class 1 or Class 2).

The VTOSS must be achieved at the end of the Take-off distance required (TODRH) in case of failure of the critical engine being recognised at the TDP and the remaining engines operating within approved operating limits with a positive rate of climb.

After attaining VTOSS and a positive rate of climb, the landing gear may be retracted and the climb must be continued at a speed as close as practicable to, but not less than, VTOSS until the rotorcraft is 61 m (200 ft) above the take-off surface.

Only primary controls may be used while attaining VTOSS and while establishing a positive rate of climb.

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