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What is the meaning of an error tolerance?
  • A
    Providing a margin so that any errors do not endanger the flight.
  • B
    Providing a way to return to a safe situation following an error.
  • C
    Providing a means to bring the pilot's attention to the error quickly.
  • D
    Providing automatic systems that prevent the pilot from making an error.

Learning Objective Define the term ‘error tolerance’.

According to ICAO, Error management is the process of detecting and responding to errors with countermeasures that reduce or eliminate the consequences of errors and mitigate the probability of further errors or undesired states.


  • Error Prevention aims at avoiding the error completely.
  • Error Reduction aims at minimizing the likelihood that an error occurs and minimizing the extent of an error.
  • Error Detection aims at making errors apparent as fast and as clearly as possible, thereby enabling recovery.
  • Error Recovery aims at making it simple to rapidly recover the system to its safe state (after error occurrence).
  • Error Tolerance aims at making the system better able to sustain itself despite error, i.e. providing a margin for error, to minimise failure consequences.

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