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Refer to figure.
Which of the figures depicts an Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) display in plan mode?
  • A
    Figure 3
  • B
    Figure 1
  • C
    Figure 4
  • D
    Figure 2
Refer to figures.
A navigation Display (ND) provides a mode selectable flight progress display. The different display modes of the ND are the following:
  • EXPANDED, MAP, or ARC mode: an expanded view of the compass rose, with the current heading at the top (“heading-up orientation”)
  • VOR, FULL VOR, or ROSE VOR mode: the entire compass rose in a heading-up orientation.
  • APP or ROSE ILS mode: the entire compass rose in heading-up orientation, with only the ILS localiser visible, an additional glide slope indication appears to the right
  • PLAN mode: the upcoming flight plan waypoints are depicted in a “north-up” orientation, the display range can be adjusted.
The MAP (or ARC) mode of the ND usually displays information such as the selected and current track (or heading), the TAS and GS, the wind direction and speed, next waypoint distance, and weather radar information.

Some questions will ask you to determine the mode selected on a given ND. To do so you need to ask yourself two questions:
  • Is it a Full-Rose (360° compass rose displayed) or an Expanded Mode (90° of the compass rose displayed with ±45° either side of the centerline)?
As you can see, this information is not very relevant for this specific question as all the provided figures of ND are expanded modes.
  • Is it a VOR/ILS mode or a NAV mode? The VOR/ILS mode will simply have the VOR or ILS transmitter frequency, course, and deviation scales displayed on the top right-hand corner of the ND, whereas the NAV mode will only display the TO waypoint, the distance, and the time to that waypoint.
You’re looking for a PLAN mode. This mode is easily identifiable thanks to the True North orientation symbol at the bottom of the ND and the fact that you cannot see weather radar indications on this mode. Only Figure 2 displays the MAP mode.

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