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Concerning FMC databases:
  • A
    company database and FMC databases can not be used at the same time.
  • B
    the navigation database may be customized for the specific airline operations.
  • C
    only the performance database may be customized by the company.
  • D
    only the navigation database may be customized by the company’s cost index strategy.
The navigation database of the FMC contains all the information that would normally be obtained from the navigation charts. For instance, you would find navaids, airports, runways, approaches (with constraints, specific features), STARs, SIDs, and company routes. The Navigation Database may be customised for the specific airline operation. In each aircraft, the FMC has two sets of navigation data, each valid for 28 days. Each of them conforms to a revision cycle that the crew will check and select during the cockpit preparation, usually done by the pilot flying who sets up the FMC.

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