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In the final phase of a flight the aircraft is awaiting capture of the ILS localiser The Flight Director is active. When the localiser has been captured, the amber "LOC” light will…

  • A
    change to a green light.
  • B
    extinguish and NO further indication is made.
  • C
    start flashing for 10 seconds and then extinguish.
  • D
    change to a red light.
Refer to figure.
The ‘EADI’ displays normal pitch and roll attitude indications plus:
- Attitude data from an Inertial Reference System (IRS)
- Flight director commands
- Localizer and glide slope deviation
- Ground speed
- Radio altitude
- Decision height
- Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) and Autothrottle modes
- Speed error scale (Difference between commanded and actual)

When the aircraft is awaiting capture of the localizer, the LOC (localizer) light will typically be amber. When the localizer has been captured the light will change to a green LOC light. Approaching the glide slope the GS light will be amber and again will change to green to indicate the fact that the FDS has locked on to the GS.

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