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Given the following data, what is the additional traffic load that the crew could accept for take-off?

Dry Operating Mass: 12 445 lb
Traffic Load: 241 lb
Fuel loaded: 5 000 lb
Trip Fuel: 3 000 lb
Taxi Fuel: 100 lb
MTOM: 18 386 lb
  • A
    941 lb
  • B
    800 lb
  • C
    700 lb
  • D
    1 041 lb

Dry Operating Mass (DOM) is the sum of the Basic Empty Mass (BEM) and the Variable Load (crew, crew baggage, food, beverages, water etc.), excluding both usable fuel and payload.

Traffic Load (TL) is the total mass of passengers, baggage, cargo (or freight), including any non-revenue load. Traffic Load plus Dry Operating Mass (DOM) is equal to the aircraft's Zero Fuel Mass (ZFM).

Take-off Mass (TOM) is the mass of the aeroplane at the start of the take-off run. It is equal to the ZFM plus the take-off fuel.

For this question subtract any mass included in the MTOM, so as to find how much space there is for any additional traffic load to be accepted for take-off:

  • Maximum Additional TL = MTOM - DOM - TL - T/O Fuel (Fuel loaded - Taxi fuel) = 18 386 lb - 12 445 lb - 241 lb - (5 000 lb - 100 lb) = 800 lb.

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