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What is the least block/ramp fuel required by EASA AIR OPS basic fuel scheme?

  • A
    Taxi fuel, trip fuel, contingency, diversion, final reserve, additional fuel, extra fuel.
  • B
    Taxi, trip, contingency, alternate, final reserve fuel.
  • C
    Trip fuel, contingency, diversion, final reserve, additional fuel.
  • D
    Taxi fuel, trip fuel, final reserve.

According to the NEW FUEL POLICY CAT.OP.MPA.191 Fuel/energy scheme – Fuel/energy planning and in-flight re-planning policy – helicopters:

The operator shall ensure that the pre-flight calculation of the usable fuel/energy that is required for a flight includes:

(1) taxi fuel/energy;

(2) trip fuel/energy;

(3) contingency fuel/energy;

(4) destination alternate fuel/energy if a destination alternate aerodrome is required;

(5) final reserve fuel/energy;

(6) extra fuel/energy, if there are anticipated delays or specific operational constraints; and

(7) discretionary fuel/energy, if required by the commander.

The Extra and Discretionary fuel amounts are not mandatory according to EASA AIR OPS, but can be carried if added by operations and the Commander, correspondingly.

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