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Refer to figure.
At what approximate flight level is the tropopause over Berlin?
  • A
    FL 340
  • B
    FL 230
  • C
    FL 250
  • D
    FL 290
Refer to figure.
Start by locating Berlin. Note that there is a jet stream passing south of Berlin.
In the Northern Hemisphere, with our back turned to the wind, the cold air will be on our left. Therefore, we can conclude that Berlin is located in the cold air side of this jet stream. Remember that the Jet Core is located above the level of cold air tropopause and below the warm air tropopause. For this reason, we can assume that the tropopause on the cold air side will be below the jet core => below FL290.
Furthermore, around Berlin, we can find 2 relatively close tropopause height symbols (rectangles with 3 digits), both of them indicate that the tropopause height is at FL250 ("250"). We can conclude that over Berlin, the tropopause will also be at FL250.

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