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Freezing precipitation occurs…

  • A
    only in the precipitation of a warm front
  • B
    in the form of freezing hail or freezing snow
  • C
    only in the precipitation of a cold front
  • D
    in the form of freezing rain or freezing drizzle

Refer to figure.

Freezing precipitation occurs in the form of Freezing Rain (FZRA) or Freezing Drizzle (FZDZ).
FREEZING PRECIPITATION. The conditions needed for freezing precipitation are quite specific.
Generally, precipitation first falls from a cloud as snow. If it falls through warmer air before reaching the ground, it can melt and turn to rain droplets. If it then falls through cold air again before hitting the ground, the droplets can become supercooled (which means that they are still falling in liquid state, even though their temperature is below 0ºC).
Freezing rain/drizzle is a rare type of liquid precipitation that strikes a surface and freezes almost instantly.

  • Precipitation which contains large supercooled water droplets => Freezing Rain
  • Precipitation which contains small supercooled water droplets => Freezing Drizzle

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