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How many tropical revolving storms are expected in India per year?

Refer to figure.

TROPICAL REVOLVING STORMS (TRS). Are thermal depressions that develop over warm tropical oceans (wind speeds in excess of 33 kts). When they sustain wind speeds greater than 63 kt, they are designated tropical cyclones.

TRS are given different names in dierent parts of the world:

  • Northern Hemisphere – Atlantic and Eastern Pacific
  • Occur approximately 17/18 times per year
  • Mainly from July to November (Summer and Autumn)


  • Southern Hemisphere – Western Pacific, including Australia (also referred to as “Willy- Willy”) - approx. 9 per year
  • East coast of Africa
  • Mainly from December to April


  • Indian Ocean
  • Occur occasionally (approx.12 times per year) March – December, mainly April – May and October – November.


  • Northern Hemisphere (Western Pacific) and South Chinese Sea. (Japan, Korea, Chinese Coastline, Taiwan)
  • Area with highest frequency of TRS (20 times per year)
  • Mainly from June to November

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