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The Management System of a large airline with complex activities includes a safety review board. Which of the statements below best describes the areas that the safety review board should monitor?

1. That each required post-holder undertakes their responsibilities as defined in the airlines Operations Manual.
2. Open audit reports from across the airline where corrective actions still need to be taken.
3. Safety performance against the safety policy and objectives.
4. The effectiveness of the Operator's safety management processes.

  • A
    1 and 2.
  • B
    1 and 4.
  • C
    2 and 3.
  • D
    3 and 4.

AMC1 ORO.GEN.200(a)(1) Management system

The management system of an operator should encompass safety by including a safety manager and a safety review board in the organisational structure.

(b) Safety review board

(1) The safety review board should be a high level committee that considers matters of strategic safety in support of the accountable manager’s safety accountability.
(2) The board should be chaired by the accountable manager and be composed of heads of functional areas.
(3) The safety review board should monitor:

(i) safety performance against the safety policy and objectives;
(ii) that any safety action is taken in a timely manner; and
(iii) the effectiveness of the operator’s safety management processes.

(c) The safety review board should ensure that appropriate resources are allocated to achieve the established safety performance.

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