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During the pre-flight checks, the condition of the flight crew compartment Hand Fire Extinguishers (HFEs) is checked. Two HFEs are installed, however only one is properly charged. Which of the following statements is correct according to the EU Regulation on Air Operations?
The crew may execute the flight:

  • A

    Provided it does NOT exceed 2 hours, in order to reach a repair station.

  • B

    With one HFE available in the flight crew compartment.

  • C

    Provided the second HFE is replaced before departure.

  • D
    Provided that this is approved by the relevant Authority.

CAT.IDE.A.250 Hand fire extinguishers

(a) Aeroplanes shall be equipped with at least one hand fire extinguisher in the flight crew compartment.

(b) At least one hand fire extinguisher shall be located in, or readily accessible for use in, each galley not located on the main passenger compartment.

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