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Refer to figures.
Using the ICAO ATS Flight Plan below, determine the correct statement regarding the aircraft.

B738/M FPL Item 9 SDGIRWYZ/SB1 FPL Item 10 EDFH1225 FPL Item 13 N0378F220 DIK2S DIK UN857 TOLVU/N0386F230 UN857 RAPOR/N0411F270 UN857 RENSA/N0434F330 UN857 NITEP/N0440F350 UN857 GIMER UT300 PON UN872 ATLEN/N0451F370 DCT ABUPI DCT XAMAX DCT SRA DCT DEKUS DCT BEXAL UN866 KONBA FPL Item 15 GCTS0428 GCXO FPL Item 16 EET/EBUR0010 LFFF0017 LECM0137 LPPC0202 GMMM0300 GCCC0350 FPL Item 18

  • A
    Its endurance is 4 hours and 28 minutes.
  • B
    It is approved for RVSM airspace.
  • C
    Its destination is EDFH.
  • D
    It shall divert to LFFF after 17 minutes.

Refer to figure.

SDGIRWYZ/SB1 FPL Item 10 => RVSM approved = "W".

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