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Refer to Alicante charts 10-2G, 13-3, 13-4, and 13-5 from Jeppesen GSPRM 2017.
A pilot is expecting to follow either CALLES 1R (CLS 1R) or VALENCIA 1R (VLC 1R) STAR procedures. Which VOR approaches can the pilot follow afterwards?
  • A
    VOR X and VOR Y approaches.
  • B
    VOR X, VOR Y and VOR Z approaches.
  • C
    VOR Y and VOR Z approaches.
  • D
    VOR X and VOR Z approaches.

Refer to figures.
Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) is a route on an instrument approach procedure by which an aeroplane may proceed from the en-route phase of its flight to the Initial Approach Fix (IAF), after which an approach procedure is normally followed.

Initial Approach Fix (IAF) is a fix that marks the beginning of the initial approach segment and the end of the arrival segment (STAR), if applicable, i.e. it is a common fix point for both a STAR and an Approach procedure .

According to ALICANTE 10-2G chart, both CALLES 1R (CLS1R) and VALENCIA 1R (VLC1R) STAR procedures end at a common compulsory waypoint, BESOR (IAF), which is also the IAF for the VOR X and VOR Z approach procedures.

Looking at the three VOR approach charts, you will figure out that only two of them, ALICANTE 13-3 and ALICANTE 13-5 approach charts, include BESOR waypoint as IAF of the approach procedures depicted.

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