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Determine the true bearing from the NDB to the aircraft, given:

Compass Heading: 241°
ADF Indication (needle head): 162°
Deviation: +3°
Variation: 13°E

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Refer to figure.
This question is somewhat misleading. We believe there is information missing. We assume that the examiner forgot to mention that this is a fixed card ADF, therefore ADF indication means “relative bearing”.

True Bearing from the aircraft to the NDB = True Heading + Relative Bearing

(1) Determine the Magnetic Heading:

+3º stands for an East deviation.
Deviation East, Compass Least.

  • Magnetic Heading (ºM) = 241º + 3º = 244º

(2) Determine the True Heading:

Variation East, Magnetic Least.

  • True Heading (ºT) = 244º + 13º = 257º

(3) Determine the true bearing (to the beacon):

True Bearing = True Heading + Relative Bearing

  • 257º + 162º = 419º - 360º = 059º

To get the true bearing from the beacon, we must add 180º:

  • 059º + 180º = 239ºT

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