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Who has the final decision regarding admission of persons to the flight crew compartment?
  • A
    The competent authority.
  • B
    The manufacturer.
  • C
    The commander.
  • D
    The operator.

Regulation (EU) No 965/2012
CAT.GEN.MPA.135 Admission to the flight crew compartment

(a) The operator shall ensure that no person, other than a flight crew member assigned to a flight, is admitted to, or carried in, the flight crew compartment unless that person is:

(1) an operating crew member;
(2) a representative of the competent or inspecting authority, if required to be there for the performance of his/her official duties; or
(3) permitted by and carried in accordance with instructions contained in the operations manual.

(b) The commander shall ensure that:

(1) admission to the flight crew compartment does not cause distraction or interference with the operation of the flight; and
(2) all persons carried in the flight crew compartment are made familiar with the relevant safety procedures.

(c) The commander shall make the final decision regarding the admission to the flight crew compartment.

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