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When flying at FL290 and having ADS-B with auto-report capability, how frequently are you required to transmit reports?
  • A
    Every 30 seconds.
  • B
    Only when requested by the operator.
  • C
    It is not required because you are below FL290.
  • D
    Every 15 minutes.

Automatic dependent surveillance — broadcast (ADS-B). A means by which aircraft, aerodrome vehicles and other objects can automatically transmit and/or receive data such as identification, position and additional data, as appropriate, in a broadcast mode via a data link.

ICAO Annex 3

5.2 Types of aircraft observations

The following aircraft observations shall be made:

a) routine aircraft observations during en-route and climb-out phases of the flight; and

b) special and other non-routine aircraft observations during any phase of the flight.

5.3 Routine aircraft observations — designation

5.3.1 Recommendation.— When air-ground data link is used and automatic dependent surveillance — contract (ADS) or secondary surveillance radar (SSR) Mode S is being applied, automated routine observations should be made every 15 minutes during the en-route phase and every 30 seconds during the climb-out phase for the first 10 minutes of the flight.

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