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In a left turn, the ball of the turn co-ordinator is out to the right, what corrective action is required?
  • A
    More left rudder.
  • B
    More left bank.
  • C
    Less left bank.
  • D
    Less right rudder.

Refer to figure.
To achieve a coordinated turn, you need to center the ball in the middle. To do so, remember that you need to ‘step’ on the ball. In this case, the needle is on the left because the aircraft is banking to the left. However, the ball is to the right, which means that you are either applying too much left rudder or not enough left bank.

To correct this situation and achieve a coordinated left turn, you need to either apply less left rudder or to increase your bank angle to the left, so the excessive left rudder is suitable for the new bigger left bank.

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