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What kind of activity is a part of a Meteorological Watch Office`s (MWO) responsibilities?
  • A
    Analysing information received on pre-eruptive volcanic activity to identify any potential impact on forecasting.
  • B
    Keeping a continuous watch over the meteorological conditions within the areas adjacent to its own area of responsibility.
  • C
    Providing briefings, consultation and flight documentation to flight crew members and/or other flight operations personnel.
  • D
    Preparing and disseminating SIGMETs and other information relating to a specific Flight Information Region(FIR).

ICAO Annex 3

Meteorological watch office (MWO). An office designated to provide information concerning the occurence or expected occurrence of specified en-route weather and other phenomena in the atmosphere that may affect the safety of aircraft operations within its specified area of responsibility.

Chapter 3
3.4 Meteorological watch offices
3.4.2 An MWO shall:
a) maintain continuous watch over meteorological conditions affecting flight operations within its area of responsibility;
b) prepare SIGMET and other information relating to its area of responsibility;
c) supply SIGMET information and, as required, other meteorological information to associated air traffic services units;
d) disseminate SIGMET information;
e) when required by regional air navigation agreement, in accordance with 7.2.1:

1) prepare AIRMET information related to its area of responsibility;
2) supply AIRMET information to associated air traffic services units; and
3) disseminate AIRMET information;

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