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A flight has been diverted off the planned route due to the bad weather. ATC clears the flight to re-join the planned route at TUSKA. The pilot wishes to decide early, if there is enough fuel to safely complete the flight or if a fuel diversion is needed, so he/she checks the fuel at 18:06 UTC. Following the data, what is minimum fuel required at 18:06 UTC to complete the planned flight?

Minimum fuel at TUSKA to complete the flight: 144 litres
Average fuel flow: 45 kg/h
Fuel density: 0.72 kg/lt

  • A
    164 litres
  • B
    183 litres
  • C
    105 litres
  • D
    172 litres

You want to be at TUSKA 18:43 with 144 litres fuel on board. The time now is 18:06. You need 37 minutes of flight from now to TUSKA.

With Fuel flow = 45 kg/hour or 0.75 kg/min, you must have 0.75 x 37=27,75 kg of fuel or 28 kg.

With a fuel density of 0,72 kg/lt, the 28 kg = 38,5 litres.

So 144+39=183 litres.

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