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An aircraft is performing an ILS CAT II approach and it is not equipped with a HUD. At DH the pilot can see 5 consecutive approach lights only. What's the correct procedure?
  • A
    The pilot can continue below DH and land.
  • B

    The pilot cannot continue the approach, he/she must go around.

  • C
    The pilot can continue below DH down to 80 ft and land if they see the threshold.
  • D
    The pilot can continue below DH down to 80 ft and land if they can see the edge lights.

A Category II operation is a precision instrument approach and landing using ILS or MLS with a decision height (DH) below 200 ft but not lower than 100 ft, and a runway visual range (RVR) of not less than 300 m.

A pilot may not continue an approach below the Category II decision height determined above unless visual reference containing a segment of at least 3 consecutive lights being:
- The centreline of the approach lights, or
- Touchdown zone lights, or
- Runway centreline lights, or
- Runway edge lights, or
- A combination of these is attained and can be maintained.

This visual reference must include a lateral element of the ground pattern, i.e. an approach lighting crossbar or the landing threshold or a barrette of the touchdown zone lighting, unless the operation is conducted utilising an approved HUDLS to touchdown.

At the Decision Height, if these visual requirements are not met, a missed approach should be carried out.

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