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Power for windscreen heating is usually…

  • A
    115 volts DC.
  • B
    single phase AC.
  • C
    3 phase AC.
  • D
    28 volts DC.
WINDSHIELD ICE CONTROL. Most aircraft are equipped with a defroster consisting of vents that direct heated air across the windshield on the inside of the cabin. To prevent ice formation, most windshields are electrically heated it: small wires or electrically conductive materials are embedded in the windshield or in a panel of glass installed over the exterior of the windshield. By passing electric current through the windshield or panel, sufficient heat is produced to prevent ice formation. The electric heating system is switched on and off in order to keep the windows at a temperature between 18ºC and 35ºC.
  • The power for the windshield electrical heating is supplied by the aircraft's AC electrical system => 3 phase AC at 400 Hz

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