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A Multi Engine Jet Aircraft with a passenger capacity of less than 9 and a MTOM of less than 5700 kg belongs to which performance class?

  • A

    Performance class B, because it has a passenger seating capacity below 9 and MTOM below 5700 kg.

  • B
    Performance class C, because this is a special categorisation for jets with fewer than 9 passenger seats.
  • C
    Not defined.
  • D
    Performance class A, because all jet aircraft belong to this performance class.

Annex I Definitions for terms used in Annexes II to VIII

‘Performance class A aeroplanes’ means multi-engined aeroplanes powered by turbo-propeller engines with an MOPSC of more than nine or a maximum take-off mass exceeding 5700 kg, and all multi-engined turbo-jet powered aeroplanes.

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