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When are you going to start your turn while flying on the outbound leg of a holding (leg specified by 1 NM DME per leg)?
  • A
    15 seconds before reaching 1 NM DME.
  • B
    0.5 NM before reaching 1 NM DME.
  • C
    1 NM before reaching 1 NM DME.
  • D
    as soon as DME states 1 NM.

ICAO Doc 8168
1.5 Holding
1.5.1 Still air condition

a) Having entered the holding pattern, on the second and subsequent arrivals over the fix, the aircraft turns to fly an outbound track which will most appropriately position the aircraft for the turn onto the inbound track;
b) it continues outbound:

1) where timing is specified:
i) for one minute if at or below 4250 m (14 000 ft); or
ii) for one and one-half minutes if above 4250 m (14 000 ft)
2) where distance is specified until the appropriate limiting DME distance is reached, then

c) the aircraft turns so as to realign itself on the inbound track.

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