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Refer to VFR chart ED(4) from GSPRM 2017.
While planning a day VFR flight between Freistadt aerodrome LOLF (N48°31', E014°25') to Dingolfing aerodrome EDPD (N48°40', E012°30'), you need to select visually conspicuous point for the sector West of the E013°45' to record the progress of the flight. Which of the following is the best waypoint?
  • A
    The mast at N48°32', E013°36'.
  • B
    The motorway bridge at N48°36', E13°22'.
  • C
    The lighted mass at N48°47', E012°53'.
  • D
    Vilshofen aerodrome (EDMV) at N48°38', E013°12'.

During VFR flying it is important to mark the route with some visual points to check the progress of your flight, those visual points can be lakes, mountain to be crossed, railway, big road, etc.

1- Locate the location of both airports.
2- Draw a line between them.
3- you will find that after crossing 13˚45’E that the first visual location that can be checkpoint is the motorway bridge at N48˚36’,E13˚22’.

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