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Calculate the W/V if:

True heading: 090°
TAS: 180 kt
GS: 180 kt
Drift: 5° right.

  • A
    355° T/15 kt
  • B
    005° T/15 kt
  • C
    185° T/15 kt
  • D
    190° T/15 kt

Refer to figure.
Finding unknown wind:
Four variables must be known: Track, Heading, TAS and GS.

Follow the steps detailed below in order to find unknown wind:
(1) Place the heading (090º) under the true index.
(2) Place the centre of the rotating disk on the value representing the true airspeed (180 kt).
(3) Place a mark (in this case, the end of the line) at the intersection of the arc representing your GS (180 kt) and the drift (5ºR).
(4) Rotate the disk (azimuth) until the mark is located on the centreline below TAS.
(5) Read wind speed (difference between the centre and mark on the centreline) and direction (under the true index): 003º/16 kt

  • Closest option: 005° T/15 kt

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