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A route is flown from 80°S, 100°W to 80°S, 140°E. At 180°E/W the Grid Track GT and True Track TT on a Polar Stereographic chart, whose grid is aligned with the Greenwich meridian, are respectively…
  • A
    110° G and 290° T
  • B
    290° G and 110° T
  • C
    250° G and 070° T
  • D
    070° G and 250° T
1- Draw a circle with 0 on top (for Southern hemisphere).
2- Mark longitudes (east on the right half, west on the left half).
3- Make two dots at 100˚W and 140˚E.
4- Make a line from the 140˚W to 100˚E.
5- Measure the angle from the line (180˚ to the centre as we are in southern hemisphere) and measure the true track (290˚T).
6- Measure the Angle from the grid north to the line shown the track from 140˚W to 100˚E, the Grid Track (110˚).

Correct Answer: 110˚G and 290˚ T

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