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While being radar-vectored in IMC, the pilot loses radio contact with ATC. Taking into consideration the minimum flight altitude, his/her initial action is to rejoin the current flight plan…

  • A
    no later than the next significant point.
  • B
    at the final approach fix.
  • C
    at the designated navigational aid.
  • D
    at the initial approach fix.

ICAO Doc 4444
Chapter 15. Procedures Related to Emergencies, Communication Failure and Contingencies

15.3.3 If the aircraft fails to indicate that it is able to receive and acknowledge transmissions, separation shall be maintained between the aircraft having the communication failure and other aircraft, based on the assumption that the aircraft will:

  1. a) If in instrument meteorological conditions or when conditions are such that it does not appear likely that the pilot will complete the flight in accordance with :
3) When being vectored or having been directed by ATC to proceed offset using RNAV without a specified limit, proceed in the most direct manner possible to rejoin the current flight plan route no later than the next significant point, taking into consideration the applicable minimum flight altitude.

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