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A computer memory can consist of..
  • A
  • B
    central processing units
  • C
  • D
The memory is part of the computer’s brain, the CPU, and is used to temporarily store and control information. It is composed of registers that are often only 32 bits. The technique of computer memory is based on the use of non-volatile storage devices, such as capacitors. Generally, it is made up of two main types:
  • RAM – Random Access Memory, which is rapid of access and can be read and written anytime the processor commands it. Its data is lost after the power is switched off (volatile).
  • ROM – Read-Only Memory, which is a non-volatile type of memory.
External memory devices can also be used as an input to the computers. In an aircraft, for example, a disk can be used to input the new database into the FMS computer. Other devices can also be magnetic tapes, USB sticks, flash memory cards, and even optical disks which information is read and written by a laser beam.

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