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In which meteorological forecast chart is information about CAT areas found?
  • A
    500 hPa chart.
  • B
    Significant weather chart.
  • C
    24 hour surface forecast.
  • D
    300 hPa chart.

Refer to figure.

Clear Air Turbulence (CAT) is defined as sudden severe turbulence occurring in cloudless regions that causes violent buffeting of aircraft. This term is commonly applied to higher altitude turbulence associated with windshear.
Clear air turbulence (CAT) is often, though not exclusively, associated with jetstreams. Regions of CAT are usually delineated by dashed lines, and will be identified by either a reference number.

  • SIGMET charts give forecasts of the location and level of clear air turbulence. These only indicate regions of moderate and/or severe CAT. Areas of light turbulence are not indicated on SIGWX forecasts.
  • Only Significant Weather Charts (SWC) contain a CAT forecast. A SWC gives areas and levels in which CAT theoretically may occur.

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