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A high pressure area (slack pressure gradient) covers part of the Mediterranean Sea and coastal region during the summer. What surface wind direction is likely at an airport at the coast on a sunny afternoon?
  • A
    Sea to land.
  • B
  • C
    Land to sea.
  • D
    Parallel to the coastline.
Refer to figure.
SEA AND LAND BREEZES - caused by differential heating of surface

SEA BREEZE. Flows from sea to land during the day in the lower layers of the atmosphere, particularly in an anticyclone with a light PGF, where the land heats up quickly. Land surface heats up quicker than sea => temperature differences cause pressure gradient => air moves from High to Lower pressure – SEA TO LAND.
  • May extend 8 to 14 NM either side of the coast.
  • Wind speed of about 10 kt.
  • The direction of the sea breeze is approx. at right angles to the coast, but after some time it will veer under the influence of the Coriolis Force

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