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Which of the following statements is correct regarding an unbalanced field with a range of V1 speeds?
  • A
    An increase in the selected V1 decreases the all-engine and one-engine-out take-off distance.
  • B
    A reduction in the selected V1 increases the acceleration-stop distance.
  • C
    If the selected V1 is increased, the all-engine take-off distance remains unaffected.
  • D
    The selected V1 must be equal to, or greater than, the balanced V1 speed.

The All-engine Take-Off distance is not affected because, when calculating V1, the Take-Off distance following the failure of the critical engine is considered, and not the AEI TOD.

CS 25.107 Take-off speeds
(a) V1 must be established in relation to VEF as follows:

(1) VEF is the calibrated airspeed at which the critical engine is assumed to fail. VEF must be selected by the applicant, but may not be less than VMCG determined under CS 25.149 (e).
(2) V1, in terms of calibrated airspeed, is selected by the applicant; however, V1 may not be less than VEF plus the speed gained with the critical engine inoperative during the time interval between the instant at which the critical engine is failed, and the instant at which the pilot recognises and reacts to the engine failure, as indicated by the pilot’s initiation of the first action (e.g. applying brakes, reducing thrust, deploying speed brakes) to stop the aeroplane during accelerate-stop tests. 

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