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Refer to figure or CAP698 file 4.1.
Wind direction is 090°(M), the runway direction is 210°(M). With a maximum allowable crosswind component of 26 kt, determine the maximum wind speed for take-off.
  • A
    30 kt
  • B
    52 kt
  • C
    15 kt
  • D
    26 kt

Refer to figure.
The wind velocity is made of two components, one acting along the runway called the headwind component, and the other acting across the runway called the crosswind component. It is possible to calculate the crosswind component taking the sine and the cosine of the relative bearing between the runway and the wind direction.

Crosswind component = Wind Speed x sine (Relative Bearing)

Wind Speed = 26 ÷ sine (210 - 90) = 30 kt

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