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Wing spoilers are deflected symmetrically in flight in order to:
  • A
    assist the ailerons in obtaining a higher roll rate.
  • B
    decelerate the aeroplane and/or increase its rate of descent.
  • C
    improve glide performance (increase lift /drag ratio).
  • D
    prevent aeroplane yaw.
Refer to figure.

Spoilers are flap type control surfaces, normally located on the upper surface of the wing, just in front of the trailing edge flaps.

These surfaces individually hinge at their leading edges and are actuated by hydraulic power supplied by dedicated power control units. The main purpose of the surfaces is to disturb the smooth airflow over the top of the wing, thereby reducing the wings lifting capability. When fully extended, they considerably increase aircraft drag.

Roll Spoilers operate asymmetrically in flight whenever the control wheel rotates, assisting the ailerons in providing roll control, particularly at high airspeeds.

Flight Spoilers (speed brakes) operate symmetrically about the aircraft’s longitudinal axis to increase drag, when it is required to decelerate quickly or to descend rapidly. Their deflection angle is determined from the flight deck in response to movements of a speed brake lever, typically located on the centre pedestal on transport category aircraft.

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