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The load factor is less than 1 (one):
  • A
    in steady wings level horizontal flight.
  • B
    during a steady horizontal turn.
  • C
    during recovery after a wings level stall.
  • D
    when lift is less than weight.

Load factor is known as the lift divided by the weight:

n = L / W

During straight and level flight, load factor is equal to 1 as the lift will equal the weight of the aircraft.

To have a load factor of less than 1, lift would have be less than the weight.

The other answers are incorrect because:

  • In a turn the load factor is increased because the lift will have to higher than the weight to compensate for the bank angle.
  • In steady level horizontal flight the load factor is 1.
  • During a recovery from a stall lift, the aircraft would have to pitch up from a dive, therefore the lift has to exceed the weight.

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