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In the Flight Management Computer (FMC) of the Flight Management System (FMS), data relating to waypoints is stored in the:
  • A
    navigation database
  • B
    air data computer
  • C
    auto flight computers
  • D
    performance database

The Flight Management Systems (FMS) consists of navigation radio receivers; inertial reference systems; air data systems; navigation, flight and instrument displays; flight control systems; engine and fuel system; and data link.These subsystems are managed and processed by the Flight Management Computer (FMC).The FMC provides the primary navigation, flight planning, and optimized terminal routes and en route guidance for the aircraft and is typically comprised of interrelated functions such as navigation, flight planning, trajectory prediction, performance computations, and guidance.The FMC and associated databases are an essential part of modern airline avionics.

An FMC typically contains three databases in addition to the basic operational flight program (OFP).The first is a software options database which activates the optional functionality contained in the OFP that is desired by the operator.The second is the model and engine performance database and contains all the aircraft performance data which allows the FMC to compute fuel burn, optimum altitudes and airspeeds, etc.The third is the Navigation Database (NDB).

Navigation Database contains :

  • Airports
  • Navaids (including their frequencies)
  • Airways
  • Waypoints
  • Runways
  • SID, STARS, and approach procedures
  • Magnetic variation.
  • Holding patterns
  • Company flight plan routes
Performance Database contains:
  • V1, VR, V2 speeds,
  • Aircraft drag curve characteristics,
  • Engine thrust characteristics,
  • Maximum and optimum operating altitude parameters,
  • Optimum speeds for climb, cruise, descent, holding, etc...
  • Fuel flow parameters under various flight conditions,
  • Aircraft flight envelope, incl. maximum masses, etc...

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