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MLS not equipped with DME provides..

  • A

    the capability for curved approaches but not of segmented approaches.

  • B

    basically the same approach capabilities as ILS.

  • C

    the capability for segmented approaches but of not curved approaches.

  • D

    the capability for CAT 3 approaches.

The principle of operation for the Microwave Landing System (MLS) is very similar to the Instrument Landing System (ILS). The main difference between the two systems is the accuracy to which the MLS works. For range guidance the Microwave Landing System (MLS) uses Precision Distance Measuring Equipment (DME/P).

The accuracy is improved to coincide with the accuracy of the MLS azimuth and elevation station. The DME/P will provide the ranging function to complete the azimuth and elevation guidance function of the MLS system. Because of it’s increased azimuth and elevation coverage, aircraft can choose their own approaches.

Without the DME/P system, the MLS works basically the same as the ILS.

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