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A light aircraft with call sign F-EAVX is flying outside of Lille approach's radio range. Lille approach requests another aircraft with call sign Fastair 144 to relay the change of communications to Paris control on 128.10. Which of the following transmissions from Fastair 144 is correct?
  • A
    F-EAVX , Fastair 144, call Paris control 128.10.
  • B
    Fastair 144, relaying Lille approach for F-EAVX , contact Paris control 128.10.
  • C
    F-EAVX , Fastair 144, contact Paris control 128.10.
  • D
    Fastair 144, relaying Lille Approach for F-EAVX , call Paris control 128.10.

Messages shall start with the call sign of the station being called. The term "contact" (= “Establish communications with...”) shall be included in the message. Therefore, the most correct option is:

  • "F-EAVX , Fastair 144, contact Paris control 128.10."

ICAO Doc 9432

9.5.6 When an aeronautical station has been unable to establish contact with an aircraft after calls on the frequencies on which the aircraft is believed to be listening, it shall:

a) request other aeronautical stations to render assistance by calling the aircraft and relaying traffic, if necessary; and/or
b) request aircraft on the route to attempt to establish communication with the aircraft and relay messages, if necessary.

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