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It is now 23:37 local time in London Gatwick on 20 December. A pilot requests a time check before start up. What will be the answer of the controller, omitting the call sign?
  • A
    Time check three seven UTC
  • B
    Time two three three seven
  • C
    Time one one three seven papa mike
  • D
    Time check two three three seven UTC

Refer to figures.
ICAO Annex 10 — Aeronautical Telecommunications
Chapter 5 PANS- When transmitting time, only the minutes of the hour should normally be required. Each digit should be pronounced separately. However, the hour should be included when any possibility of confusion is likely to result.
Note. — The following examples illustrate the application of this procedure (see for pronunciation).

Time Statement
0920 (09:20 A.M) TOO ZE-RO or ZE-RO NIN-er TOO ZE-RO
1643 (4:43 P.M) FOW-er TREE or WUN SIX FOW-er TREE

  • 23:37 => TREE SEV-en or TWO TREE TREE SEV-en

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