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Other than location signs, aerodrome information signs must consist of…

  • A
    yellow inscriptions on black background.
  • B
    black inscriptions on yellow background.
  • C
    orange background with black inscriptions.
  • D
    black background with red inscriptions.

Refer to figure.
ICAO Annex 14
5.4.3 Information signs

Application An information sign shall be provided where there is an operational need to identify by a sign, a specific location, or routing (direction or destination) information. Information signs shall include: direction signs, location signs, destination signs, runway exit signs, runway vacated signs and intersection take-off signs.

Characteristics An information sign other than a location sign shall consist of an inscription in black on a yellow background. A location sign shall consist of an inscription in yellow on a black background and where it is a stand-alone sign shall have a yellow border.

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