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When shall the number of the transition level be obtained by the crew of a flight intending to land?
  • A
    Start of the arrival procedure.
  • B
    Before starting the initial approach to an aerodrome.
  • C
    Before descending below the transition level.
  • D
    Before descending below the transition altitude.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Based on reports received, "Before starting the initial approach to an aerodrome" is considered correct while "Before descending below the transition level." is incorrect. We apologize for not being able to provide an explanation as to why EASA favors this answer, as both answers could be correct based on the regulation below. We will keep you informed if we receive any further information on this matter.

ICAO Doc 4444
Chapter 4. General Provisions for Air Traffic Services

4.10.4 Provision of altimeter setting information Appropriate ATS units shall at all times have available for transmission to aircraft in flight, on request, the information required to determine the lowest flight level which will ensure adequate terrain clearance on routes or segments of routes for which this information is required.

Note.— If so prescribed on the basis of regional air navigation agreements, this information may consist of climatological data. Flight information centres and ACCs shall have available for transmission to aircraft, on request, an appropriate number of QNH reports or forecast pressures for the FIRs and control areas for which they are responsible, and for those adjacent. The flight crew shall be provided with the transition level in due time prior to reaching it during descent. This may be accomplished by voice communications, ATIS broadcast or data link. The transition level shall be included in approach clearances when so prescribed by the appropriate authority or requested by the pilot.

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