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Horizontal separation is achieved in terms of longitudinal and lateral separation methods. Which of the following statements is correct?

  • A

    Longitudinal by different geographical areas, lateral by different routes.

  • B

    Longitudinal by time, lateral by different routes.

  • C
    Longitudinal by distance, lateral by time.
  • D
    Longitudinal by time, lateral by time.

ICAO Annex 11
3.3.5 Separation by an air traffic control unit shall be obtained by at least one of the following:

a) vertical separation, obtained by assigning different levels selected from:

1) the appropriate table of cruising levels in Appendix 3 of Annex 2, or
2) a modified table of cruising levels, when so prescribed in accordance with Appendix 3 of Annex 2 for flight above FL410, except that the correlation of levels to track as prescribed therein shall not apply whenever otherwise indicated in appropriate aeronautical information publications or air traffic control clearances;

b) horizontal separation, obtained by providing:

1) longitudinal separation, by maintaining an interval between aircraft operating along the same, converging or reciprocal tracks, expressed in time or distance; or
2) lateral separation, by maintaining aircraft on different routes or in different geographical areas.

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