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When an aircraft is considered to be in a state of emergency, the appropriate emergency phase should be initiated by the...
  • A
    appropriate Police Alarm Centre.
  • B
    ATS unit responsible for the aircraft.
  • C
    Rescue Coordination Centre.
  • D
    Civil Aviation Authority responsible for the territory overflown.
Learning Objective State who is responsible for initiating the appropriate emergency phase.
Source: ICAO Annex 11, Chapter 5 Alerting service

ICAO Annex 11

5.1.1 Alerting service shall be provided:

a) for all aircraft provided with air traffic control service;
b) in so far as practicable, to all other aircraft having filed a flight plan or otherwise known to the air traffic services; and
c) to any aircraft known or believed to be the subject of unlawful interference.

5.1.2 Flight information centres or area control centres shall serve as the central point for collecting all information relevant to a state of emergency of an aircraft operating within the flight information region or control area concerned and for forwarding such information to the appropriate rescue coordination centre.

5.1.3 In the event of a state of emergency arising to an aircraft while it is under the control of an aerodrome control tower or approach control unit, such unit shall notify immediately the flight information centre or area control centre responsible which shall in turn notify the rescue coordination centre, except that notification of the area control centre, flight information centre, or rescue coordination centre shall not be required when the nature of the emergency is such that the notification would be superfluous. Nevertheless, whenever the urgency of the situation so requires, the aerodrome control tower or approach control unit responsible shall first alert and take other necessary steps to set in motion all appropriate local rescue and emergency organizations which can give the immediate assistance required.

This says that Air Traffic Service Units are the ones which initiate the appropriate emergency phase relevant to that aircraft. If the aircraft is being handled by a particular ATS unit, they will be the ones to initiate the emergency phase.

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