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The abbreviation “TA” is used for...

  • A

    Traffic Advisory and Traffic Altitude

  • B

    Traffic Advisory and Transition Altitude

  • C

    Traffic Advisory and Terminal Altitude

  • D
    Traffic Altitude and Terminal Altitude

ICAO Doc 8168

TA Traffic advisory
TAA Terminal arrival altitude
TAR Terminal area surveillance radar

Traffic Advisory (TA) means a caution to the flight crew that an aircraft has become a potential collision threat.
Resolution Advisory (RA) means a warning to the flight crew of an imminent collision threat, combined with commands for the crew to use in avoiding an airborne collision.
  • When an RA is produced, the pilot flying shall immediately take the corrective action indicated by the RA, even if this conflicts with an Air Traffic Control (ATC) instruction, unless doing so would jeopardise the safety of the aeroplane.
Source: European Aviation Safety Agency
ICAO Doc 7030
TA Transition altitude

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