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Which option correctly lists, in descending order of priority, the message categories handled by the aeronautical mobile service?
  • A
    Urgency, Direction finding, Flight safety, Meteorological.
  • B
    Urgency, Flight safety, Direction finding, Meteorological.
  • C

    Urgency, Flight regularity, Direction finding, Meteorological.

  • D

    Urgency, Direction finding, Flight regularity, Meteorological.

Refer to figure.
ICAO Annex 10
Volume II
5.1.8 Categories of messages

The categories of messages handled by the aeronautical mobile service and the order of priority in the establishment of communications and the transmission of messages shall be in according with the following table.

Message category and order of priority
a) Distress calls, distress messages and distress traffic
b) Urgency messages, including messages preceded by the medical transports signal
c) Communications relating to direction finding
d) Flight safety messages
e) Meteorological messages
f) Flight regularity messages

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